Monday, April 7, 2014

Good Students' Rigging Reel

I became a Rigging Instructor for two and a half years in Malaysia, and was busy with work that I didn't have time to update here. Now that I have left my job, and moved to Osaka, Japan, I like to revive just a little bit of updates here.

Throughout my job as a Rigging Instructor, I have met many talented students that has an interest in rigging. What I do was to teach them the "way" of the rigging, basic to advanced. I gave a 3 months worth of character rigging workshop to students who were going to rig characters for their final 3D animation short film projects, and continue to manage their projects till the end when the short film is produced.

And here are some really impressive outcomes from these students. They achieved them within 3-6 months, all while they were working on a tight scheduled 3D animation production. I didn't get to list them all here with their rigging reels, I wish I could, but anyways here are a couple of them, in chronological order (Year 2011 till 2014) according to their year and class:

Lim Tik Sheng (DG0905)

Evelyn Seng (DG0908)

Andrea Goh (DG1001)

Choi Jien Hui (DG1008)

Khor Kok Kim (DG1101)

Harry Yong Yeou Shiuh (DG1101)

That is all for now. Keep up the good work, you guys, and all the best in your future endeavor!